Finca Cialitos

Best Quality Coffee from the center of Puerto Rico.

  I roast because it is my passion. I have the same thought as many rosters these modern days. The best coffee roast is the one that maximizes all the “origin characters”. It reveals the unique characters of the place the coffee is from to the maximum degree. That especial place, with that unique micro climate, latitude, altitude and soil composition makes the coffee from each origin unique.
Our goal is to sell the truth. Only sell the best of what we produce. An unique coffee from the center of the Island of Puerto Rico.

Finca Cialitos seeks to reclaim the titles and honors awarded to this regional coffee by mid nineteen hundreds. Finca Cialitos coffee is 100% arabica coffee and acquires its unique flavor due to the characteristics of the region’s microclimates. This coffee is never blended to obtain a specific taste or flavor and is roasted in small batches to maintain freshnes.   We have maintain ourselves on positions of vanguard by obtaining different certifications and have won different awards:

The Coffee Barista National Champions 2009 FIRST and THIRD place, used our coffee.
The National barista championship 2010 FIRST and SECOND place and In the Cup of Excellence Award Puerto Rico we obtained SECOND place.
Certified Q Grader.
Coffee is knowledge practice and time.

Joaquin Pastor Gonzalez

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Our Coffee Store Address: Old san Juan 150 San Justo

PO BOX 1122  

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